Thank you for volunteering and helping our kids learn robotics. Below are links to resources that you may need to perform your task at the event.

A few tips:

  • Arrive early.
  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for a school event. Wear comfortable closed-toed shoes and dress in layers. These events may have hudreds of people and can get warm depending on the weather.
  • Some events require safety glasses for those at the field and in the pit areas. You may perfer to have your own pair.
  • Have fun.
Link Description
All Resources This link will take you to all of the volunteer resources for an event. If you don’t see your particular role below then you may want to start here.
Be sure to click on the Vex Robotics Competition tab.
Volunteer Roles Overview A quick summary of all of the roles that could potentially be an event.
Starstruck Game Rules Rules of the game.
Inspection Guide How to inspect a robot when it arrives for competition.
Referee Guide Referees will also want to review the Starstruck Game Rules.
Judge Guide There are numerous additional documents for judges. You will also want to visit the All Resources link above for more information.