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The second league event was held at Jenison High School.   The matches are getting faster, there is more moment on the field and the competition is getting tougher as teams have been making improvements to their robots.

League nights are scored differently from tournaments.  While league finalist will be qualified for the regional tournament, the scores are averaged over four weeks so there is less pressure as the teams start to build their robot.

Tournaments are one day events so teams have to perform their best that day.  There are usually more teams and the energy level is much higher.  Our first tournament will be at Grandville on October 29. See the events page for details.

Notice in the photo below that all of the teams competing in that match are from Hudsonville.   Teams are scored individually but they compete as alliances and the alliances are selected at random before the event.  Any team from any school can be paired with any other team.   This creates a collaborative environment because students need to learn to compete with a different team for every match.

All HudsonvilleSpecial thanks to the Jenison Robotics group for hosting the event.  They did a great job.



First League Night – Success Vex EDR Logo

Jenison Hudsonville Leage Night 1
Our first Vex Robotics competition was hosted at the HPS Freshman Campus on October 6.  A special thanks to all of the volunteers that helped make this event a success.

See our Events page for upcoming competitions.


Beginning Programming Classes Vex EDR Logo

We will be hosting a class to get students familiar with the Vex Cortex and basic programming practices. The same class will be offered on both Monday, Oct 3 and Tuesday, Oct 4 at 6:15 PM.


High School Teams Meeting Vex EDR Logo

We will be hosting a meeting for all of the high school students on Sept 20, 6:30 PM so they can meet their teams and their mentors.


Team Selection Complete Vex EDR Logo

The leadership at Hudsonville Robotics spent many hours processing the over 60 middle and high school registrations.  Please note that we did our best to process as many teammate request as we could but we were not able to grant all of them.

Middle school coaches will receive their team information tonight and they should be reaching out to their teams soon.

We have moved the start date for building from Mon, Sept 19 to Tue, Sept 20. We needed the extra day to finalize the room.


All Teams Meeting Vex EDR Logo

We will be hosting a meeting for all students registered for the 2016 season on Thursday, September 15, 7:00 PM at the Freshman Campus, Room #334. We will cover engineering notebooks, expectations of players, this years competition, and achievements followed by a Q & A period.

Registration, payment, and volunteer forms are also due on the 15th and can be brought to the meeting.


2016-17 Registration Vex EDR Logo

The registration information has been updated for the 2016-17 season and is available here.

There are a few changes since last year:

  • Hudsonville Robotics has a new home! Our build center is now located at the Freshman Campus, Room 334. The center will be open M,T, and Th from 6 pm to 8:30 pm.
  • We will be hosting league nights and a tournament this year.
  • Middle school teams will now be for grades 7th and 8th. See these posts for information on 6th grade students and VexIQ (4th – 6th grade).
  • We will be more volunteer focused this year.  Part of the registration process will include a volunteer commitment from our student families. See the student registration packet for details.
  • To cover costs the registration fee has been increased to $125.00 per student.

Questions? Join us for our registration event on September 8, 7:00 PM at the Freshman Campus, room #334 or send an email to info@HudsonvilleRobotics.com.


VexIQ Parent Meeting VEX_IQ Logo

We will be hosting a VexIQ meeting Monday, September 12, 7:00 PM at the Freshman Campus, room #334.
This is a fact finding meeting to see if we have enough interested parents with students grades 4th – 6th to form VexIQ teams. A team consists of a robot, coach and 4+ students. Jenison Robotics has a program in place and a few of their volunteers will be attending to share their experience. I believe they will also be bringing a robot.

Please email info@hudsonvillerobotics.com if you are able to attend.


Beginning Build Class Vex EDR Logo

New students and coaches will be required to attend a Beginning Build class to get them started on the basics.

Try before you buy
Two of the classes occur before the registration deadline so new students can try building a small robot before they make the 11 week commitment. The other benefit is that none of the equipment has been allocated to teams so students will have a full repository of parts. Additional build classes will be offered but they will be more of a lecture.

Those interested in attending should email info@hudsonvillerobotics.com. Please include the names of those attending and the day you are interested in. Space is limited so we will send you a confirmation response.

Classes are two hours and will be on September 10 and 13. See the Events page for details.


6th Grade Students VEX_IQ Logo

We are excited to get as many students involved in our program as possible but we learned last year that some ages are not ready for the level of commitment required with the Vex EDR program.  Many of the sixth grade students had a tough time using the technology which lead to frustration and this is not how we want students to experience robotics.  The other thing we learned is that all of the schools we compete against don’t have 6th grade in their middle schools.

As an alternative we are looking to start VexIQ teams for grades 4th – 6th and both Grandville and Jenison have programs.  The robots are easier to build and the students have a better experience at competitions.  We currently don’t have a VexIQ program but we do have a few interested parents that would like to start teams this year.  Jenison has also agreed to help us so we are working on aligning with their program.

If you are interested in getting involved with your student then please send an email to info@HudsonvilleRobotics.com.

For more details on VexIQ see this post: Robotics for 4th – 6th Grade Students