Inspiring Video at Vex Worlds Vex EDR Logo

Dr Woodie Flowers is an innovator and considered the father of competitive robotics. Check out the video below.


2017 Vex Worlds Vex EDR Logo

2017 Worlds Group Photo

Four of our finest teams are at the Kentucky Expo Center to compete in the Vex World Tournament.


VexIQ State Results VEX_IQ Logo

Charlotte, MI – VexIQ Elementary 15103B and 15103D had a great showing at the Michigan VexIQ State Tournamant with 15103B South Purple Lightning ranking 5th place.

Congratulations teams and VexIQ parents. This was a great showing for first year teams in a first year program.




Hudsonville VexIQ Heading to States VEX_IQ Logo

Two Hudsonville VexIQ teams are headed to the state finals. Team 15103B : South and 15103D : Riley Too will be competing at Charlotte Middle School on Saturday, Feb 25. See the events page for details and Go Eagles!


HS & MS Teams Headed to Worlds Vex EDR Logo

It was an exciting day of robotics at the State of Michigan Vex Robotics Tournament at MSU with four of our teams directly qualifying for the world tournament in April.

MS team 8860D The Flock won the Excellence Award. This is the highest award given at a Vex Robotics tournament.  8860D MS State Excellence

Two HS teams, 6715B Justified Jank and 8031D C.I.A., aligned in the elimination rounds and were tournament finalists. Also qualifying based on their state skill score is HS team  8031E 01010001 [Q] ranked seventh with 53 points.

6715B 8031D State Finalists

Teams competed in qualification and elimination matches, used their diving and programming talent in the individual skills events and were judged by the MSU engineering students and faculty.

Congratulations teams and Go Eagles!

Hudsonville robotics teams advance to world competition | MLive.com.


Heading to the State Tournament at MSU Vex EDR Logo

Seven of Hudsonville’s 16 teams are headed to MSU on Feb 19 to compete at the state finals. There will be 26 middle school teams competing for five world spots and 48 high school teams competing for eight world spots.

MS teams include: Baldwin teams 8860B – Top Gear and 8860D – The Flock, and Riley teams 8153C – ODIS and 8153D – Cortexed.

HS teams include: 6715B – Justified Jank, 8031D – C.I.A., and 8031E – 01010001 [binary for Q].

Congratulations to all of the teams. Their hard work is showing great success.


Belding Results Vex EDR Logo

Belding VEX / Robroy Enclosures HS/MS Qualifier

This was a 48 team blended event where both high school and middle school teams compete in the same tournament.  Most HS teams are more advanced but you would be surprised how well the MS teams do.

2017 Belding MS Excellence

MS Team 8860D – The Flock won the MS Excellence Award – the top award at a Vex event.

Champion HS team 8031E - 01010001
Hudsonville HS team 8031E – 01010001 [binary for Q] was a tournament champion.
These two teams are now on their way to the state tournament at MSU on February 19, 2017. Hudsonville now has six teams qualified.

Belding Skills Champions 6715B - Justified Jank
HS team 6715B earned the design award and they set another state skills record at 66 points.  This places them 115th in the world out of over 4,100 skills ranked teams.  MS team 8153D – Cortexed also earned the design award.

Since this event was so large and only 24 teams get to compete in the elimination rounds, the Belding group also hosted a “toilet bowl” (similar to Gus Macker).  Hudsonville team 8153D – Cortexed won the coveted title.  This is our second in our three year history.

Special thanks to our friends at Belding for hosting a great event.


West Michigan Regional Results Vex EDR Logo

DSC_0490Four teams from Hudsonville have earned a spot at the state tournament.

Top teams from Grandville, Hudsonville, and Jenison met to compete at the first ever West Michigan Regional Tournament to determine who would earn one of the 12 high school and 10 middle school state spots. Nine Hudsonville teams competed in the event.

In order to qualify for the regional event a team had to win an advancing award at a local event. Hudsonville’s 15 teams have earned over 25 awards at local events this year and this event adds five more. Significantly higher than the 15 earned last year.

High School, Team 6715B – Justified Jank (blue shirts) won the championship with their alliance and they earned the (individual event) Robot Skills Champion award. Their skills score is tied for the highest in the state.

Middle school, Team 8860B – Top Gear (red shirts) won the championship with their alliance, team 8153C – ODIS (not pictured) won the middle schools Design award by defending their robot design to judges, and team 8153D – Cortexted (black shirts) was a tournament finalist.

High school team 8031E – 01010001 [binary for Q](not pictured) earned the Build award but it does not qualify for the state tournament.

Here are links to the official Vex Robotics results for high school and middle school.

The event was hosted by Grandville Robotics at Grandville High School.
Grandville press release.

Additional Press


Inaugural Regional Tournament Vex EDR Logo

The standard Vex competition model is that teams compete tournaments around the state and the champions and the Excellence Award winner earn a spot at the state tournament.
The growth of West Michigan teams has been so significant the past two years that there are not enough spots for the 40+ area champions. This has caused West Michigan organizations to establish a regional tournament and that happens tomorrow.
This will be one of the first regional events in Vex history. A few states like Texas and California have split into territories where they have two state tournaments but that can impact how teams earn a spot at the world tournament.
We feel that the regional event is a better model that will have added benefits. This event will only host teams that have earned the champion status which makes for a great competition and it also means that the teams moving on to the state tournament will be top notch.
We are excited for this event. If you want to see some great competition by top West Michigan teams then stop out to Grandville High School. See our Events page for details and directions.

Link to press release


Jenison Tournament – They did it again Vex EDR Logo

Teams 8860B – Top Gear and 8860D – The Flock won the Jension MS tournament on Saturday after competing the full three rounds in the final event. This is the second week in a row that this alliance has won a championship. Team 8860B – Top Gear also earned the Create Award.  Click for MS Results.

At the high school event – Hudsonville team 6715B – Justified Jank was one of the tournament champions and team 8031A – Im Just Not Sure earned the Create Award. Click for HS results.

Congratulations to all of the teams.  Many are already qualified for the Regional Event happening next Saturday at Grandville High School.  See the Events page for details.