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Team 6175B - 2018 Michigan State Champions
Team 8860B - 2018 Michigan State Excellence Award Winners
Grandville, MI – 48 high school and 28 middle school teams from across Michigan turned out to compete in the Michigan VEX Robotics State Championships.

Team 6715B – Justified Jank was among the alliance of three that won the high school state tournament. They collaborated with Grandville team 244A – N. N. G. and Rochester Hills Christian team 98725B – Falcon. The alliance also put up the highest score for the event at 146 points (average is 70) and they are now qualified to compete at the world tournament. Justified Jank also won the Build award and 8031E – Five Guys won the Innovate award.

At the middle school level, team 8860B – Top Gear won the Excellence award and they qualify for the world tournament. This is the top award given at a Vex tournament. Hudsonville teams 8153D – That One Team, 8860D – The Flock, and 8860C – Technical Turtle Terrors were tournament finalists after competing in a four match elimination round and losing the last match by only five points.

Congratulations to our world qualifying teams!


State Tournament moved to Grandville High School Vex EDR Logo

The Michigan VEX Robotics State Championship has been moved to Grandville High School.

Due to flooding at MSU officials have had to move the HS and MS VEX State Championships. MSU has closed the venue for safety reasons.


2018 FunRaiser Cancelled Fundraising

We had to cancel this year’s funraiser because there were too many other conflicting events. We will look for other opportunities to build this program.


2017-18 VexIQ State Qualifiers VEX_IQ Logo

Congratulations goes to team 900A – WooHoo Wizrds for earning the Teamwork Champion Award at the West Michigan VEX IQ – Fall Monday League. This award qualifies them for the GM VEX IQ Michigan Elementary State Championship on March 3.

Great job!


2017-18 Regional Tournament Results Vex EDR Logo

Grandville, MI – Hudsonville Robotics was a strong contender sending 13 teams to the West Michigan Regional Tournament on January 27. Eight teams earned awards and are moving on to the state championship.

At the high school level team 6715B – Justified Jank was a tournament champion in a three round final and they received the Innovate award. Team 8031E – Five Guys were semifinalists.

Middle school team 8860B – Top Gear earned the (overall) Excellence Award and they were a tournament champion along with team 8860D – The Flock who was also a Robot Skills finalist. Team 8153E – Agree to Disagree won the Design Award and teams 8153D – That One Team, 8860A – Iron Eagles, and 8860C Technical Turtle Terrors were tournament finalists. Of the six teams competing in the final event, five were from Hudsonville.

Congratulations to all of the teams that are moving on.

There may be a few opportunities for additional Hudsonville teams to qualify for states. We will let you know if they do.


2017-18 Regional Qualified Teams Vex EDR Logo

It’s official. Hudsonville has 13 teams have qualified for the Michigan West Regional Championship tournament on January 26 at Grandville High School. There will be 40 West Michigan teams competing for 14 available state spots at the high school level and 28 teams competing for 12 state spots at the middle school level. Join us on Saturday and cheer on Hudsonville. See the Events page for details.

HS 6715B Justified Jank
HS 8031D Aesthetics over functions
HS 8031E Five Guys
HS 8031F O’Laughlin, Biesbrock
MS 8153A E.G.T.R.N.
MS 8153C Sa-BOT-age
MS 8153D That One Team
MS 8153E Agree to Disagree
MS 8860A Iron Eagles
MS 8860B Top Gear
MS 8860C Technical Turtle Terrors
MS 8860D The Flock

RECF Online Challenge Vex EDR Logo

Along with building and competing with robots the RECF also hosts online challenges where teams can use their creative skills like photography, promotional videos, CAD modeling, and website design.

Hudsonville Robotics Team 8860D – The Flock created a website as their entry into the online challenge. Check out their design and cast your vote. Winners will earn a spot at the Vex World Championship this April.


Hudsonville a strong contender at TC Tournament Vex EDR Logo

Traverse City, MI – Seven of Hudsonville’s teams traveled north to compete at the Grand Traverse Academy Winter Luau.

HS teams 6715B – Justified Jank and 8031F took the champion spot and both are on their way to the regional tournament in January. 6715B also held the second position in skills with a score of 116 points and is currently ranked 3rd in the state of Michigan.

MS team 8860C – Technical Turtle Terrors earned the judges award.

As of this posting, eleven Hudsonville teams are qualified for regionals.


80 Teams Competed at Hudsonville Vex EDR Logo

Hudsonville 2017 In The Zone Tournament

Hudsonville, MI – 80 teams from West Michigan competed Saturday at Baldwin Middle School to earn a Regional spot.

Middle School school teams made quite a showing by earning eight of the top ten spots in qualification rounds, team 8153A – E.G.T.R.N. won the Excellence Award, 8860B – Top Gear was a tournament champion (for the 2nd time this season), 8153E – Agree to Disagree earned the Design Award, 8860G won the Judges award, and 8153C Sa-BOT-age was the top skills winner.

We want to say thank you to the over 70 volunteers that helped make this event a success. Hudsonville Bands provided us resources for transportation, Grandville Robotics provided supplemental equipment, and a big thanks to the HPS staff for their hard work.


Grandville Halloween Tournament Vex EDR Logo

2017 Grandville Halloween Tournament

Grandville, MI – 57 West Michigan robotics teams met at Grandville Middle School for the annual Halloween event. Teams competed on the field, met with judges and participated in individual skills events. For several of our teams this was their first experience at a tournament however Hudsonville’s teams earned 14 awards and middle school teams held six of the top ten positions.

High school

Team 6715B – Justified Jank and 8031E were tournament champions and both set the top two skills scores of 96 and 90 respectively. These are the top scores in the state of Michigan and 19th and 34th in the world. Justified Jank earned the Amaze award and Five Guys earned the Judges award.

Middle school

Team 8860D – The Flock won the Excellence award which is the top at an event. The Flock along with 8860B – Top Gear were tournament champions. 8153C – Sa-BOT-age and Top Gear were the skills champions with scores of 62. 8153E earned the Design award, 8153D earned the Build award, and Top Gear earned the Amaze award.

A special thank you to Grandville Robotics and their team of volunteers. They did a great job once again.

For official results click High School or Middle School.