The Hudsonville Robotics Competition Season model:

  1. All of the robots are designed, built, and programmed by students using a standard collection of Vex Robotics parts. This establishes a pretty level compeition.
  2. We enlist adult volunteer mentors for the high school teams and coaches for the middle and elementary school teams. Adults are there to teach, provide guidance, and help resolve issues but they are not allowed to build or program the team robot.
  3. We prefer to keep the teams small, about four students, so that every student is immersed in all of the aspects of the project.
  4. We try to keep the program affordable. Many of the parts that we have can be reused each year. We also receive generous contributions from area businesses that help offset the cost of parts.
  5. The program is collaborative. While most team competition events are adversarial the Vex competition model creates a different perspective. At tournaments teams compete in pairs called alliances for each match. Those alliances are randomly selected so it is possible for two Hudsonville teams to compete against each other during a match while allied with a team from another school. What this means is that our teams will collaborate with teams from other schools to win a match. Keep in mind that teams are ranked individually and we still cheer for our Hudsonville teams.

The 2016-2017 competition for middle and high school students is called Starstruck.

The 2016-2017 competition for elementary school students is called Crossover.